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I am Sacagawea is an engaging and informative worksheet designed for students in 3rd through 5th grade. This comprehensive resource will take your students on an exciting journey through the Louisiana Purchase and the life and achievements of the remarkable Sacagawea, an essential figure in American history. This resource was designed to go alongside the Brad Meltzer Book "I am Sacagawea" However it is not required for this lesson.



Key Features:

  • Designed to reinforce the knowledge gained about Sacagawea from Brad Meltzer's Book "I Am Sacagawea"
  • Thought-Provoking Questions: Challenge your students' critical thinking skills with questions that encourage reflection. These questions will prompt students to consider Sacagawea's bravery, cultural background, and the significance of her journey.
  • Questions also about Lewis and Clark and the Louisana Purchase for context purposes.
  • Answer Key Included: As an added convenience, an answer key is provided for quick and easy grading. This allows you to save time while providing immediate feedback to your students.

I am Sacagawea worksheet

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